Q: What are the days and hours of operations?
A: Technician hours: 5:00AM – 5:00PM {EST} Monday through Friday.
Administration hours: 7:30AM – 5:00PM {EST}

Q: Can I call Tender Care directly as the patient to place a house call request?
A: ONLY if the patient IS NOT considered home bound and has a prescription from their doctor for lab work and wishes for Tender Care to come to their location. If the patient IS NOT classified as home bound, Tender Care will bill the patient directly for the phlebotomy house call.

Q: What is the charge for this service if the patient is billed directly?
A: The fee for a phlebotomy house call {patient bill} is $35.00

Q: Once Tender Care Phlebotomy receives my order for a phlebotomy house call, how soon will I be scheduled?
A: If the order is received before 1:00PM {EST} during normal business hours, the patient is scheduled for the next business day {if requested}. Any orders received after 1:00PM {EST} will be scheduled within 48 hours.

Q: Does Tender Care Phlebotomy perform the testing on specimens?
A: No, Tender Care Phlebotomy only performs the actual blood draw. Specimens are tested by a licensed and approved laboratory. Results are reported to the ordering physician by the laboratory. .

Q: Does Tender Care Phlebotomy provide service to nursing facilities?
A: Yes. We can provide phlebotomy services to nursing facilities and schools for the mentally challenged. Tender Care can also accommodate health fairs and company drug screenings.

Q: In which areas does Tender Care perform these services?
A: We presently service New Jersey, Delaware & the following counties in Pennsylvania, {Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties}.
Now Servicing Florida, call for coverage areas.

Q: Why should I choose Tender Care Phlebotomy?
A: Experience... We have many years experience in the mobile phlebotomy field. Because of our expertise and knowledge in phlebotomy, Tender Care is contracted by some of the largest laboratories in the country; performing thousands of efficient blood draws every month.

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